Frequently Asked Questions


What can I send The CD Recycling Center for recycling?
  • CDs, CDrs, DVDs, DVDrs, Blu-Ray discs
  • Related disc packaging and cases
  • Floppy discs
  • Cell phones
  • Inkjet Cartridges
Does the Center charge to recycle the CDs?

No, but we do ask for a contribution. Many companies charge for their recycling services, however The CD Recycling Center does not. We are hoping to obtain a grant from the EPA in the near future. For now, we are fortunate to have several CD and DVD manufacturers join our campaign and sponsor us, which covers most of our costs. We are hoping that many more CD manufacturers will show good will and join our campaign to assist us. After all, these are the companies that are profiting by manufacturing the discs to begin with.

What is a reasonable contribution?

We ask for as little as $2.00, and as much as you feel appropriate. Our disc recycling services are currently free of charge, and we take the cases when they arrive disassembled as a courtesy. A small contribution of .02 - .05 per case would be very helpful to our cause. Please try to send a minimum of $2.00, for Paypal has transaction fees that they take for handling the funds.

How do I make a contribution?

Click here and you will be directed to our PayPal secure payment page.

Where do I send the discs to recycle them?

Currently, the main collection Center is

68E Stiles Road
Salem, NH 03079

We are working closely with other members and manufacturers to become collection centers for us. We will post bulletins as new centers become available.

How do you like them sorted?

If the disc is in an unwrapped package, we ask that you unassemble the package and keep all components separate (disc, case, paper).

If I shred my discs first, will you take the scraps?

Yes, however do not mix your disc shreddings in with paper shreddings. There are many wonderful combination shredders available that can shred paper and discs, however the shreddings go into the same bin, mixing the paper with the plastic, contaminating each other. This makes it hard to recycle separately. Please keep paper and plastic separate!

How do you recycle the discs and packaging?

We sort all of the components in the collection center. We separate the discs, paper and cases. All paper gets bailed and sent to a paper mill for recycling. As for cases in good condition, we inspect, pack and occasionally sell to raise money for the Center. Any remaining damaged cases and ALL discs get sorted in bins, and packaged in a container destined to a plastic reclaiming center. Occasionally, we do receive personal CD collections that include popular musical acts. Since we truly believe that reuse supersedes recycling, we will, on occasion, place these aside to be sold or donated to raise funds to support and keep the free recycling initiative ongoing at our center.

As for recycling, some discs leave whole, some leave as regrind, where we grind and shred the discs down to small pieces to fit more into a storage bin/bag. This is now considered a scrap plastic that gets melted at the reclaiming center. When melted, the discs are demtalized separating the plastic and metal component in the disc. Once the discs are demetalized, they are formed into a lower grade of raw plastic. Discs and cases yield a different grades of plastic. This plastic is not good enough quality for the food or medical industry product use, however it is fine for the automotive and building materials industries.

Where does the material go?

To our partner facility on the west coast that houses specialty proprietary equipment that processes the discs back to a clear resin, which is then sold to plastics manufactures that can manufacture new items from recycled plastic resin. In the event that we become overstocked or over capacity in our US facility, then the materials are sent off via export, and are delivered to a different partner plastic recycling plant.

What is the recycled plastic used for?

The plastic is generally used for the automotive and building materials industries. Take a look around your car and home; you probably have items that were made from recycled plastic right there!

How do I know the CDs are not getting dumped somewhere?

Because you have chosen to use The CD Recycling Center of America. We're a growing watchdog in this industry and will report any suspicious activity to the EPA. Functionally speaking, it very expensive logistics to fill a truck or shipping container and pay for the shipping to the reclamation centers. It is highly unlikely that someone would pay for something to move and process it and then just dump it!

Why is it important to recycle the discs and packaging?

Unlike paper, discs and cases will not decompose in a landfill. It is even worse if they end up in an incinerator or trash burning facility. You wouldn't want to burn a disc and breath in the fumes. The environment does not want to either.


Do you offer recycling containers for the discs?

Yes. We have several shipping boxes that look nice and are strong enough to hold the disc weight for you to ship to us. We must charge for these boxes, so we do suggest you look around and find a strong box at your location that you can use. We'll even recycle the box after it arrives here. As for recepticals, we do offer typical recycling receptacles, how we're sure you'll agree a clean box will work just fine.

Can I send just a few discs in an envelope?

Sure. Every disc counts, so don't let it end up in the trash. If you have only a few or couple of discs, simply put them in an envelope that is strong enough not to rip and mail them to us.

Do you offer promotional materials for me to post?

Yes. Please visit our [flyers page] to download our free flyers to help you launch, manage and promote your disc recycling campaign.

Can I be a drop off center?

We would love that. Please contact us us so we can discuss the feasibility.

I am in a state far away from the center. Does it make sense for me to send my discs to you?

Yes! We find that US Media Mail and UPS ground work well for the campaign, since they already have vehicles on the road under capacity, and they basically frequent every US address. As we develop our national collection center locations and plan, we need to keep in mind that we need to limit our own environmental impact. For now, our location in Salem, NH is working well. We are working on a plan to partner for a 90,000 S.F. major collection center facility to accommodate our growth.


The data on my discs is proprietary. What should I do?

Shred them or scratch them prior to sending them. If you data is that sensitive, we highly recommend that you destroy them prior to sending to us.

Will you shred my discs for me?

The first step of disc reclamation is that all discs get placed in a plastics granulator prior to being processed back to clear plastic resin. Ultimately, you discs will get shredded as part of the reclamation process, however we keep them stored in large pallet gaylord boxes or stored in Supersacks for plant to plant transportation. If you feel the need to have them destroyed immediately upon receipt, please contact us with the amount of discs that need to be shredded/destroyed, and we will quote an immediate destruction fee per disc. We can then issue a Certificate of Destruction.


What is the best method to ship the discs to the Recycling Center?

We have found that U.S. "Media Mail Rate" is affordable, as well as UPS ground hundred weight. Being environmental friendly, we highly recommend US mail, for the US Mail system is already delivers daily to all locations, and this won't put another delivery vehicle on the road causing additional emissions.

Will you pay for the postage to send the discs to you?

Unfortunately our funds are limited. We have not received any grants yet, and we have only a couple sponsors at this point. Please contact us to discuss if we can come up with an alternative option to you mailing the discs.

Do you offer a pick up service?

Currently in the New England area we do. Please contact us for more information.

General Info / Assistance

What is the main purpose of the Center?

To actively promote the awareness of the importance to recycle unwanted discs, while building a network of allies and supporters.

We aim to build a model similar to The Better Business Beareau, which will make it easy for consumers and end users to identify active manufacturing members that responsibly recycle. This is at no fee to them.

What is a Certified Member of The CD Recycling Center?

A certified member of The CD Recycling Center is a supporter that has pledged to maintain an active recycling campaign, has been evaluated by a Center campaign manager, keeps records of all recycling activity, and reports the data to us. A Certified Member may also be a Collection/drop off center for The CD Recycling Center of America.

How can my organization become Certified?

Please contact us for more information.

Do you have a list of disc manufacturers that recycle?

We are currently contacting all known manufacturers and duplication facilities in America, and are building a growing list of supporters and pledges that promise to maintain an active disc recycling program. We ask that you only work with known manufacturers that have pledged to recycle. Our list is posted on this website, and it changes daily, so please feel free to check back often.

If you use, sell, re-sell, promote or distribute CDs or DVDs, please be responsible and only use a manufacturer that recycles. Look for our logo on their materials!

How can I help spread the word?
  • Tell a friend: Send and email to your email list with our information and website. Ask them to forward it to all of their list.
  • Contact your local newspaper and do a press release and say that you are a new member of The CD Recycling Center of America
  • Contact your local newspaper and ask for them to do a story about The CD Recycling Center of America
  • Contact your local community access television station in your town and ask them to post our [Recycling Bulletin TV frame].
  • If you release a new CD or DVD, please place our logo somewhere convenient on the art and ask for your customers to recycle the discs when finished with
  • Post our [flyers and posters] at your workplace.
Is The CD Recycling Center of America a non-profit?

No. We are owned by The Recycling Center of America, Inc.